Nature Inc

Nature is the company you will turn to when others deem your operations no longer financially viable.

When the business of aiding your being, safeguarding you against needing, tanks, there agriculture will be. Waiting patiently, as it requires every farmer to do.

So don’t rest, don’t quit, until the major provider of insurance for your life is you.

What is life?


The byproduct of brushing up against our cosmic, energetic speed limit. We are energy. I am sitting here, typing through a carbon based biological mechanism which has been molded and remolded and even mutated around answering the various needs of surviving in this environment.

But at our core, we are energy, same as light, same as the sun,
same as running in wires and raining from stars.

What is not God?

Once you have learned the entire story of a mountain spring,
you will know the story of very many creeks. And in knowing creeks,
you will come to meet several rivers. And after following rivers,
you will touch oceans.

You will come to know God through learning yourself. Your source.
Studying your needs and limitations, your unique capabilities and strengths.

You are not an island.
You do not survive in isolation.

By the time you have pieced together the entirety of the story of you,
you will have come to know a whole planet. And the way earth
is held in the hands of the sun, so is our sun gripped
by a singularity at the center of our galaxy,
rolled in the palm of an even greater singularity
that off centers our universe,
emitting gravity the way stars put off light.
Crossing infinity to hold us tight.

Because this God has an everlasting affinity toward life.