Too much for Facebook

“The fact that someone even feels need to take issue with you expressing a personal, nonpartisan opinion about a democratically elected official says more than any social media diatribe ever could. In their minds, this was a vote between Democrat and Republican candidates. The representative ethos is so deep now, they don’t believe the human buried beneath the title should have any say in the matter. They think you’re arguing party politics. I mean hell, it’s a person who says he turns off Jesus when he enters the political spectrum. Jesus was a highly political teacher, he discussed politics, family values, farming practices and civil disobedience. (IDK if people realize, but crucifixion was a punishment for Civil Disobedience) To say you didn’t see Jesus on a ballot was really all that needed to be said. In this day and age, with everything going on, where else would Jesus be? And if anyone wants to go through line by line and show me how they insulate their support for the man from his behaviors as a human that’s great, here’s a short list for you to start on: imitating a disabled journalist to belittle him, promoting a formal registration of a religious group, selecting known bigots to government positions, being recorded bragging about sexual assault and harassment, not divulging his tax records or divesting his businesses. The republican party started their nomination process with well over ten candidates. One by one they all fell by the wayside, and the Republican party allowed the bully pushing them all off the edge of the stage to continue. You will have to own that before this conversation can continue.”

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