Real, mysterious, legally binding and recordable magic – Old Journals

Some absurdities are witnessed, so twisted, offensive, perverted,
they must be laughed at. If not, if stared at stone face unmoved,
steel, taken serious, you’d turn ill, go mad. So laugh, smile,
express vulnerability in staccato breath chuckles.

Absolve the absurd. To fixate on the word is to live in a title. How idle.
No definition. Argument. Language travels unravels long storied mystery,
romance, and some talk so long about the song they forget to dance along.
Create. Define. It is necessary for there to be words that cause people to cringe. Emboldened, condescending letters indicative of sins. We live everyday. Make decisions. Avoiding feeling fear over words, short bits of code humanity accumulated over time,
able to reach far inside a gut and tear it up. And that is power.
Real, mysterious, legally binding and recordable magic.
And humans own it. It is ours. Offenses rain down in showers.
Baptizing, exercising, digging ditches and gullies
after how much the sacrament has stolen.
But between me and you, these empty spaces
are not to be feared, but filled in.

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