No. Not. Never.

There are many different devices to put a handle on no, not, never.
To mow, cut, sever. But thankfully, or, I would like to thank what I call God,
this place, or as I like to say, nature, is better. Personally, I believe,
and I am biased, because I am an everlasting part of this place,
or, nature, is the best, of what we have, what we could be,
and of all the varying forms of what all we have been before.

Reason being, this tight, enclosed corner of the universe I’m seeing,
perceiving, contains no thing but no. In the storms, crushing gravity,
supernova explosions and radioactively violent suns, collisions, impacts,
toxins, outright baseline poisons, surrounded by harsh-sucking vacuum.

This is an entire universe of no.

And then, there is us. This place. I will, for the simplistic sake
of old-fashioned poetic device, call it nature, is doing whatever it pleases,
which is what it has always done best. Living, breathing, alive.

Our great rolling magnificent mechanism of yes.

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