First Class

Oh wow. Look down. There are all the mountains.
All of them in the world laying beneath our feet like carpet.
Covered in trees. Like lips around rivers.
Cradled what passes for cities in the south.
Truth turned word of mouth. And west.
Into the shallower water of another time zone.
Gained an hour in flight.

Bypassing million year old rock mounds and dirt.
Laughing at you appalachia.
Looking so small from where I am.
Between metal wings stared through egg shaped windows down at you.

Knowing where I will soon be.
Imagining what all you have left to teach me.
Stretching out dull peaks just to reach me.

Wanting so badly for me to land.
To land like them.

All rebellious and bumped up steel and overlapping.
Sat down there like auditorium rows just clapping.
The guy a row back mouth opened napping.
Coke in a real glass, first class, free pass,
to mile above miles miles above

and look down on so many southern towns.
Baseball diamonds in silver chain link settings.
Swimming pools like blue beans guarding
the backdoors of two story houses.
Neither one that good.
Just what passes for a good story in the south.
As fiction as the world outside these windows.
Trusted like word of mouth.

Eyes stepping across all of the mountains in the world.

If they could only break through the clouds.

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