Billy For Sale

Hey everyone! We’ve had some early kidding, and because we had a single male breed the entire herd, we can’t use his bloodline moving forward. We call him Beef, he’s going on 2 years, and you can see from his kids (two healthy boys and a girl so far) that he is a successful sire. He’s on the small side for an Alpine mix, but he will grow a little more over the next year or two. He’s a great goat, very sweet, bottle raised, handles easy and has always been gentle on his ladies, probably because most of them are just a little taller than him. If you’re interested, just send me an email:  and we can discuss what kind of home you’re offering, and pricing. Here are some pics of my man taken on 3/7/20:

He’s been raised around electric fencing and obeys it perfectly. His female offspring should be good milkers for his part. Beef is special to us, so fair warning, I’m going to have some questions about your set up, and pictures of your barn and pasture would be great, I can also offer to deliver him if you’re close by, we’re located in Cherryville, NC. Thanks!

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