Project Seed-Farm

  • When I’m looking for endeavors for PLI to take on, I’m scanning the overlap between farming and education: places where learning and land management are already blending in the economy and society. And secondly, how can I turn this overlap into a product that is as useful for the land that produced it as it is for the people who consume it.
  • Project Local wants to help you start a farm. Or support you along a journey you’ve already begun. No one can know everything there is to know about farming, I wouldn’t trust anyone who said they did. But the tenacity and thriftiness it requires only comes with time. In the school I’m creating, all my teachers were educated exclusively the hard way. We learn together, keep our animals safe and productive, and manage the land in the most sustainable way possible.
  • Whether it’s the backyard or the back forty, there are more sustainable and useful ways to maintain it than mowing (though some mowing can be an enjoyable chore). At the very least, for a patch of grass or overgrown acre of kudzu, poison ivy and unwanted trees, Project Local has a herd of goats, and farm-student staff skilled in setting up secure, temporary electric fencing in any location (I did previously mention tenacity and thriftiness, these are also prerequisites to building an electric fence).
  • You may want to keep the fence and a goat or two and little help and advice as you start your journey into producing your own milk, or keeping poison ivy out of the yard (1 of the benefits of 4 stomachs).
  • We also have chickens, laying hens and often pullets, and we build barns, temporary sheds and shelters, coops, and can also renovate preexisting, sometimes dilapidated structures back into safe housing for animals or equipment. 
  • The greatest product we offer isn’t the building, but weeks after, questions come up, fences go down, problems arise. It makes a night and day difference having a sister farm nearby to help and advise, or show up in overalls with a pair of gloves and a sleepy smile. 
  • Project Local Inc. is a very small non-profit company. We take on projects on a one by one basis based on our equipment, needs, our time and always, our company’s fundamental purpose: providing hands-on educational experiences in agriculture as sustainably and locally sourced as is possible.
  • The benefit of having a ‘farm school’ in your own backyard has never been more clear. No matter what happens, if and when the world shuts down again, you’re not trapped at home, just working the homestead for a bit.
  • A farm is an entire community in your backyard that can both educate and employ you. A two birds, one stone type deal, where you can sell the grades you get at school, or eat them for a meal.

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PLI is an agricultural company with the primary focus of teaching people everything there is to know about agriculture and land management. With a steep focus in preserving the history of how our ancestors made a living, and in reestablishing old, even forgotten or overgrown pastures and gardens, and turning them back over to sustainable, low maintenance productivity, and having a really fun time doing it. Project Local blends elements of agrotourism, homesteading, living history exhibits and land preservation to create generally sustainable enjoyment of all outdoor spaces everywhere.