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and camping

Could be old, or broken, or brand new and ready to use. I’m putting together backpacking kits that could essentially keep someone alive for a week in the woods to give away. Someone who receives one could store it in the trunk of their car, or garage, or put it to use right away and try out hiking and camping without having to fully commit financially. I really believe true charity is universal, poor, rich, taking it one day at a time, no matter who you are or what you do, having this sort of equipment packed conveniently and expeditiously is equally valuable.

I always say the difference between a hike and just being lost in the woods is what you take with you.

I’ve already received several external frame backpacks, Boy Scouts cookware and canteens, sleeping bags and sleep pads, Sterno stoves, etc. Reusable water bottles and backpacks in all shapes and sizes are super important. Thanks to everyone who has given already, and if you have some gear lying around, or a question about how else you can help with this project, just drop me a line! 

Project Local Inc, or PLI, is a non-profit I started a couple years ago to help create opportunities for people to spend time in nature as productively as possible, gain vocational skills and knowledge, and learn about farming and food production.

I’ve started with a large property in western piedmont North Carolina, and am working every day to increase harvest while sustainably managing the land, as well as creating an outdoor wedding and event venue from the ground up, literally. We keep dairy goats and hens for eggs, and are currently expanding the pasture to accommodate more animals.

The near hope is to have volunteer and even paid work opportunities to offer in the community, and eventually housing and steady employment for those coming in from out of town.

I fervently believe that labor, farming, working with your hands and working with the land offsets the frustrations and typical high anxiety experienced by creative individuals, certainly not limited to these, but artists, educators, academics and office workers, church leaders, administrators, etc. Project Local seeks to supplement, or provide outright, a vocational and pastoral form of secondary education.

We rebuild farms, repair worn houses, apprentice to small businesses, establish sustainable islands of agriculture and housing, while providing a steady stream of bright eyed, cognizant, eager students ready to learn and ply their artistic and intellectual talent in the new old environment. The penultimate goal is balance.

Food, water and shelter are too essential to be products. No matter where you work, or how far you go in life, or how much money you earn, you’ll never be so rich that you won’t eventually grow hungry or thirsty again, or need a dry place to sleep safe at night.
Project Local is about building a food system in our yards, across our neighborhoods and in public spaces, one that is also tied to housing, and the arts, and performance opportunities and just plain old job opportunities and resume building. Farming and labor and nature are incredible connecting agents. I don’t know what it is exactly, maybe the mutual suffering inherent in them. They have connected me to many people I may have otherwise had no hope of relating with.

But wouldn’t you know, we had chickens in common.

Project Local Inc is an approved 501(c)(3) Public Charity.
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about what we do or how to help!