Manage your emotions, in order to not be managed by them.
And manage does not mean conquer, or manipulate, or even control.
It means responsibility. Seeking understanding. Not settling on impossible goals.
You must manage your emotions. Or they will possess you.

And you will make rainy days for the people who depend on you,
because you did not put a roof over your self.

Wisdom teething

Feeling of small.
Of ignored.
Of no help.

To no one at all.

Of hiding from none seeking.
Of not talking to God.

But singing.

Of pressure mounting against bleeding molars.
Of snipping red skin off the white sides of a torn tongue.
Of being young but not young, not grown.

But growing.

Of being too close to some impossible place.

To reach to quit. To need to quit.

Of wanting to.
Of knowing quitting is better than all options staring in your face.
Of only ever feeling home alone.

But even then, there,
feeling out of place.