Mind your LGBTQ’s

These words. This string of mismatched letters. LGBTQ. And what do
any of them have to do with me and you, I don’t know. Is it high heel shoes?
Is it Saint Laurent on a man’s ruby lips? Is it who you choose to be with?
Because straight people have worn all those choices.
Heterosexuality speaks with all these voices.
But we do not think to call them anything other than human. This prefix, trans.
Unless you’re transhuman, who cares? Have you ever undergone pain to be different,
not the same, to look at in a mirror who you see in your brain.
If it helps one and does not hurt two, what is it to you?

I do not take for granted that as long as I stay panted
nobody cares what is between my legs.
I do not take for granted that as long as their name isn’t Brandon
no one really worries who I’m with.

Lesbian. Gay. Bisexual. Transgender. Questioning. Nobody calls me straight.
Nobody refers to my anatomy when they discuss my sexuality.
So if our goal is pure equality, why are we labeling anyone
based on information it is not appropriate for us to own.
Words. And these words give shallow-minded people an excuse to dehumanize.
To participate in uncomfortable conversations that might not happen otherwise.

This is not a reference to the color of your skin.
This is not bias based on the historical and cultural relevance
and transitions of your people. I’m sorry if this comes as a shock,
but you can be a straight man, and not carry a cock.
You can be a woman, in my mind,
and I never need to know
what you left behind.

It is inappropriate. It is offensive. Disrespectful, and borderline mad.
Discussing someone’s sexuality like that. It is an epidemic in this country,
looking at people sexually, completely disregarding if they invited us to or not.
It is the seed of assault. It is the germ that breeds sexual violence and hurtful fetishism.

We don’t have to support our LGBTQ’s.
We don’t accept people’s differences because it is right to do.
The definition of freedom means we do not have these conversations.
If you’re hurting nobody while helping yourself, you’re golden.
You’re just like the rest of us. Pure human.

And if we asked them these questions,
we would be much more aware of all the queer stuff straight people do.
But we don’t get asked. Because that string of letters. It doesn’t include S.

Walking to NY: How to help

Starting in August, I’m going to be hiking the Appalachian Trail for a few months, to end up in upstate New York. The goal being to pursue my creative writing and other artistic ambitions full time for a while. I will also leave behind my main source of employment, as well as the farm I have come to depend on. After planning, training, and saving for almost a year, there is still a lot I need, and will need especially during the walking months.

I just want to let everyone know, I am open to accepting all forms of help in this endeavor. I have already had a few people who live near the trail offer a place to stay and a warm meal along the way, and some truly amazing friends will be caring for my animals and farm while I’m gone. A trip like this would be a lot harder, maybe even impossible, if I was on my own. Any help that you can offer is more than appreciated. It will be recorded, remembered, and eventually, repaid.

If you know someone who lives near the trail, or hear about a short term employment opportunity between here and there, or even just a heads up about an interesting place to visit, please let me know. Anything from a few dollars, to backpacking tips, to information about the areas I’ll be passing through, means the world. It helps make this adventure possible. Any and all contributions are going to support me during my hike. Once I arrive, I will be able to arrange for employment and my needs will be much more predictable.

Just let me know if you have any questions about specifics, food and gear and the whatnot’s I’m still sourcing. I have a paypal.me set up, for anyone who wants to help monetarily, as well as a Patreon account, which is a new service that supports start-up artists, connecting them and their art directly with patrons who want to support them. Both links are listed below!

If there’s anything else you think could help, do not hesitate to reach out: jeremyhomesley@gmail.com

And for more information about my trip, my art, my farm or just in general, check out: http://www.jeremiahtrent.com